Sunday, May 3, 2009

Should You Become A Shih Tzu Breeder?

Many of us contemplate breeding our beautiful Shih Tzu or we may even think about adding new dogs to our family simply for the purpose of breeding. If breeding sounds like something you would like to get involved in there are lots of things to consider.

First of all, you need to learn a lot of things about your female Shih Tzu in general. You will also need to explore the best ways to care for a pregnant dog. Whelping the puppies may be a hands on experience so you will need to be prepared for that. And care of the puppies includes a lot more than feeding them.

If you believe breeding will bring in a nice income for you - you probably need to think again. Of the breeders that I have talked with they say that breeding is a labor of love and although their puppies are considered expensive by some - those puppies have a lot of time, effort, and money invested in them. The profits are marginal.

Another great tip I have gotten is that before trying breeding on your own you will need to find a mentor. This is someone with experience that is willing to work with you and help if needed.

Before making the leap into breeding be sure to get all the information you can. Information will bring you the needed knowledge to make an intelligent decision about whether or not you really want to get involved at all. Breeding is a way of life for the ones that do well with it. Are you prepared to make your dogs the center of your world? You can learn a lot about breeding, what to do and what not to do - visit Just Shih Tzu

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