Saturday, May 2, 2009

For All Shih Tzu Lovers

If you are like me you feel that Shih Tzu are special. I have two, a male and a female, Ben and Molly. Now if you have read any of my articles or reports about this amazing breed you probably know that I don't think Ben is full bred.

Although he is registered his body-build is not like that of a Shih Tzu. Ben appears tall - his legs are long. If you are familiar with Shih Tzu you know that they are short, being about 11 inches at the withers. Their bodies are somewhat stocky. Ben is very slim. I am not sure if his genetics are off or what but I do not think he is completely Shih Tzu.

However, Ben's coloring does seem to be like that of Shih Tzu. He is mostly black - having a full black saddle and white feet. He also has a little white on his face and tail. Ben was given to me - if I hadn't accepted him his fate was that of the local shelter. Ben has a permanent home with me now and he is a happy dog.

In comparison to Ben, Molly is a wonderful specimen. In my opinion she is beautiful! Molly is very small, weighing about 7 1/2 pounds when soaking wet. She is mostly white with black/silver ears and a black mask over her left eye. She also has two small black spots on her back. Molly is not registered.

I wanted to begin this blog by 'introducing' you to my Shih Tzu because I will be talking about them from time to time. I will reference them whenever a subject fits.
By the way, Ben and Molly are both 8 years old. Molly is my best friend and both of them are always by my side when I am at home. I plan to add a new Shih Tzu to my family soon - another female. I am even considering getting involved in breeding! I will keep you posted on that.

To learn more about my story and how you can become a more conscientious Shih Tzu owner check out Just Shih Tzu.

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