Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is A Shih Tzu The Right Dog For You?

Many times people will decide they want a new pet based upon the way a dog looks or some story they have heard about the breed. There is no denying that Shih Tzus (often misspelled as Shitzu, Shihzoo, Shihsue, etc.) are adorable. They are small and the perfect lap dog.
If you like small dogs then you are sure to like this dog breed. Shih Tzu are non-shedding, making them a good choice for persons with allergies. They are intelligent and lively and as happy to be with a single person as they are to be with a large family. Because they are small they do not require a lot of space - they are even content living in an apartment.

But there are many things to consider before adding a new Shih Tzu dog to your family. Perhaps the most important matter is that Shih Tzu are a huge responsibility. You must be committed to providing proper care for them for their lifespan.
You will need to consider your lifestyle and how a Shih Tzu will fit in. Shih Tzus prefer not to be alone. They are the ultimate companion dog. If you are away from home several hours a day your Fur-baby will be lonely. Loneliness in a dog can result in unfortunate consequences. He/she may bark or whine non-stop or your little baby may look for a way to entertain himself -often this is chewing on things that you would prefer he didn't.
Ideally you will be able to spend most of your waking hours with your pet by your side. But if that is not possible you will need to find ways to keep him safe and out of trouble while you are away. Many dog parents have found that the use of a doggie play pen works well for this. They are large enough to allow plenty of play area, a bed, and a puppy pad space.
Although the doggie play pen will prevent any destruction of your items it does not help to keep your Shih Tzu company. A great solution to that is adding another Fur-baby. This is especially true of puppies. You will then have the fun and entertainment of watching the two of them play and grow together.
Shih Tzu are special dogs and require unique care in a lot of ways. If you own or are considering adding a Shih Tzu to your family you will want to learn the details of how to properly care for your little Fur-baby. You can find all the information you need right here:
Just Shih Tzu

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