Thursday, May 7, 2009

Think Carefully Before Deciding To Breed Shih Tzu

If you already own a Shih Tzu you know what a wonderful dog they are. Although they are lively and alert they are also content to be by your side, they are the perfect companion.

Shih Tzu are beautiful and their long flowing hair comes in all colors. It’s no wonder that so many of us consider breeding Shih Tzu. After all, having Shih Tzu puppies around is fun, right?

While puppies are fun they are work and a huge responsibility. But we need to back up a little bit. Let’s talk about before the puppies arrive. First of all you will need to find a good match for your Shih Tzu. Size and color must be considered as well as the health of the babies.

Once you believe your female is pregnant you will need to visit your veterinarian for confirmation and a check up. Gestation is 63 days. During that time you will need to properly feed and care for your female. Her diet must be of the highest quality.

Preparation for the puppies before they arrive is essential. You will need to prepare a whelping box. Plastic sweater boxes work well for this. Line the bottom with newspaper and then place a clean blanket (that has been rinsed well with no fabric softener) over the box. You will want to snug this blanket in and tape it on the bottom of the box.

The idea is to have a comfortable spot for momma and babies but to eliminate the possibility of babies getting lost under the blanket. You will need to have a heating pad to keep under one end of the box. The puppies must be kept warm but the momma may want to get away from the heat at times.

You will need to purchase a baby scale for weighing the puppies. Careful documentation of their weight and growth in general is important. Don’t forget about the vaccinations and de-worming of the babies. And keep in mind that you will need to have food available for them when they reach that stage. Another expense is that of puppy pads. Some people use newspaper but the pads are more absorbent and less messy.

I know that sounds like a lot, and it is, but it is all necessary. In fact, there’s more to do. Your puppies will need socialization. That means you will need to spend some quality time with each of them every day. This includes playing with them, stroking them, rubbing their face and feet, and introducing them to new surfaces. You will also want to insure that they are using the puppy pad.

Of course you will have the added task of finding good homes for the babies. This can mean advertisement costs and probably some stressful moments in seeing your babies leave.

Does breeding your Shih Tzu still sound like something you would enjoy? If so then you will need to learn the details of whelping and caring for momma and babies. You can find out that and much more at Just Shih Tzu. Check it out:

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